Information on Entrance Examinations

Admission Guidelines for Graduate School

Master’s Program

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1 Admission Policy

-The Health Sciences course is looking for the following applicants -

<Objectives of human resource development>

  1. (1) Persons who understand holistic medicine and have sophisticated expertise and skills
  2. (2) Persons who have the basic literacy to practice education and researches in the specialized field
  3. (3) Persons who can engage in community-based activities as health care/welfare professionals
  4. (4) Persons who can engage in international health care and welfare activities

<Capabilities and qualities required for enrolled students>

  1. (1) Persons with the desire to make a contribution to society in the health care and welfare fields.
  2. (2) Persons who enter the subsequent doctoral program (Ph.D.) of the Health Sciences course and aspire to be educators/researchers

<Screening method>

 We comprehensively evaluate the results of essay-type test, foreign language test and oral test, and the academic transcript of the applicant and the application documents such as the outline of his/her preferred study. The essay-type test measures his/her general knowledge and thinking power on health science and medical science. The foreign language test measures his/her reading comprehension of the English literature on health science and medical science. We also conduct entrance examinations for working people and international students in addition to a general entrance examination.

2 Number of students recruited

Major Unit Number of students recruited
Health Sciences
  • Unit of Fundamental Health Sciences
  • Unit of Applied Health Sciences
  • Unit of International and Community Health Sciences

3 Entrance examination for international students

 Gunma University has decided to hold an entrance examination for international students who wish to enroll in the Course of Health Sciences in Graduate School of Health Sciences (Master’s Program) in April 2019.
 In this examination, scores of English tests done by private companies can be used as a material for its selection instead of taking the foreign language of the examination subject.
 A few students to be recruited.
 Please refer to the Admission Guidelines for the Course of Health Sciences in Graduate School of Health Sciences (Master’s Program) which will be issued in June 2018 for more details.

Contact: Admission Section, Student Affairs Office,
    Administration Division in Showa Campus, Gunma University.
    E-mail: kk-mgakumu5★ change ★ to @)

4 Admission Guidelines for Master’s Program

 Admission Guidelines for the Course of Health Sciences in Graduate School of Health Sciences (Master’s Program) which will be issued in June 2018.

 You can download the guidelines by clicking here.

 When you apply, print each form* in A4-size (210mm ☓ 297mm) and send them to the following address by registered mail.

* Regarding the page of Form-3 and-4, please print it in one page.

Mail address for application :
Admissions Section, Educational Affairs Office
3-39-22 Showa-machi, Maebashi City, Gunma 371-8511, Japan
TEL +81-27-220-7797

There is a matter erroneously omitted on the Page 24 of the guidelines, so please note the following: Updating 6 July 2018

Page and place added a supplement Supplementary matter
5 Application procedures of page 24,
Application Document,
2 Statement Purpose
Please add “[Form-2]” after the “Statement of Purpose”

Doctoral Program

( In preparation )